A NON-VOIP phone number is a phone number that uses the traditional telephone network instead of an Internet-based VoIP service. NON-VOIP phone numbers are also known as “landline” or “POTS” (plain old telephone service) numbers. NON-VOIP phone numbers are generally more reliable than VoIP numbers since they are not reliant on an Internet connection. NON-VOIP phone numbers also typically have better voice quality than VoIP numbers.

If you need a reliable and high-quality phone number, then a NON-VOIP phone number is the best option. However, NON-VOIP phone numbers can be more expensive than VoIP numbers. To get a NON-VOIP phone number, you must sign up for traditional telephone service from a phone company. Once you have signed up for assistance, the phone company will give you a NON-VOIP phone number.

If you want to keep your phone number, you can port it to a NON-VOIP service. This means you will keep the same phone number, but it will be routed through the traditional telephone network instead of a VoIP service. Porting your number to a NON-VOIP service is generally simple and easy to do.


There are many reasons why you might need a NON-VOIP phone number. Maybe you’re trying to sign up for a new service that doesn’t support VOIP numbers, or maybe you just want a traditional landline number. Whatever the reason, Prepaid Mall has you covered with our NON-VOIP phone number selection.

If you’re looking for a NON-VOIP phone number, we recommend Lets Dial. They offer a variety of NON-VOIP numbers from different countries, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. Plus, their rates are very competitive. There are new 850 area code being added because of the high demand for new numbers in certain 852 area code areas.

Advantages OF NON-VOIP Phone Number

There are many advantages to having a NON-VOIP phone number. NON-VOIP phone numbers are not associated with any specific location so they can be used from anywhere in the world. NON-VOIP phone numbers can be used to make and receive calls without an internet connection. NON-VOIP phone numbers are not tied to any physical device, so that they can be used with any phone. NON-VOIP phone numbers can be forwarded to any other phone number, so you can use them even if you’re not on your phone. Overall, NON-VOIP phone numbers are a great way to stay connected without using a traditional phone line.

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